Car Parking


COVID Update (January 2021): While operating under our COVID rules, we are currently opering a drop-off/collection where staff come to the cars wearing PPE to cololect your child.

Upon collection, you will be asked a series of COVID related questions, have your childs temperatures taken and asked to sign a health declaration for your child. This is reviewed monthly.


Attwood Farm Nursery School has plenty of safe and easily accessed off-road parking available.


Can we please ask that:

Cars do not in front of the steps to the school. This is not only inconsiderate to others by blocking the car park and school access, but is dangerous and could cause an accident.


Any late arrivals or early pick-up's need to leave the double gates as they are found. If closed, please drive in and close behind you as children could be around the school grounds.


For all collections please enter and exit through the double gates.


If you arrive early to pick up your child please do not park outside the double gates as this can cause a queue of traffic to form in the lane. Please open both gates and drive in. There are hooks to clip the gates back.


Please drive slowly. There are new signs dictating 5 miles per hour, which have been donated by a kind parent who was concerned about the speed of cars driving into the car park.


Did you know that if you stand a child behind a 4x4 vehicle, not only can they not be seen, but you would need a line of about 8 children before that eighth child can be seen.



Finally, please remember that once the children have been handed over to you, they are your responsibility again, and that at drop off and collection time the car park is not a suitable place for children to run around and play.