What does my child need to bring to Attwood Farm Nursery School?

  • Taking the weather into consideration, all children need to bring a coat, Wellington boots, and gloves (cold weather) and waterproof all-in-one or dungarees (if you have them).
  • In warm and sunny weather named suncream is needed.
  • If your child is going through potty training, a change of clothes is required (especially pants and socks).
  • All items of clothing should be clearly named. 

What funding can my child access?

  • We accept various company vouchers.
  • We accept the government voucher scheme. 
  • There is two-year-old funding available for some children (Please contact Nick for further information).
  • There is three-year-old funding available for 15 and up to 30 hours for the first full term after they are three (Please contact Nick for further information and see 'Government Funding Information' under Links)

What food and snacks do I need to bring?

  •  The majority of children who attend Attwood Farm Nursery School opt for our nutritious and tasty school lunches (See Admissions and School times for more information).
  • A packed lunch can be brought in, in a named bag, taking into account our healthy eating policy.
  • Snacks and milk are provided morning and afternoon.
  • Water is always available to each child throughout the day.
  • We have a sharing fruit/vegetable bowl and we encourage the children to bring in a piece to share on the days that they attend.


Do I need to bring nappies for my child?

  • If applicable, parents are requird to bring in nappies and wipes for their child. This can be done weekly, however most parents bring in a large named bag full. Staff will notify you when more are needed.

Is there parking available at Attwood Farm Nursery School?

  • There is plenty of off-road parking at Attwood Farm Nursery School. Please see the 'Links' dropdown for more information.

What is the settling in period?

  • All children are offered a free settling in session, where we will gauge how to proceed.
  • How they settle differs between each child and can take as little as a couple of weeks or longer.
  • If you are returning to work, the settling in period needs to be taken into account as some children settle better with shorter sessions over a period of time.
  • Please contact Attwood Farm Nursery School for more information.

How am I kept up to date with my child progress and welfare?

  • Each child is assigned a key worker on enrollment at AFNS.
  • All children are signed up to our Online Learning Journey (See the 'Interactive Learning Journey' section in 'About Us').
  • All children in the Ducklings class (birth - 2 years old) have a home dialogue book, which is for communications between staff and parents and should be filled in and returned every time a child attends AFNS.
  • Each child has a 27 month check, ongoing observations and frequent emails.
  • AFNS hold a parents evening in the Spring term.





Do I need to Notify AFNS if my child will not be attending Nursery?

  • Please notify us as soon as possible if your child is not attending AFNS for any reason.
  • It is very important for us to know whether your child is coming in late or not at all as the class leaders plan activities for the day. This includes activities out on the farm. 
  • This can be done by email or on the school mobile by text, clearly stating who you are and which child will not be attending.



What notice do I need to give if my child has to leave AFNS?

  • In the unfortunate event that your child has to leave AFNS, we require half a terms notice in writing.
  • If notice is not received, half a term's fees will be charges in lieu.


How do I book extra sessions/days?

  • Regular sessions and days are booked upon registration.
  • We are always happy to try and accomodate parents requests to book extra sessions or days and permanently change sessions subject to staffing and availability.
  • Unfortunately we do not swap sessions on an occasional basis. We need to make sure that the right staff are here for your children and swapping sessions can lead to insufficient staffing to look after your children.



Do you refund fees for holidays or illness?

  • AFNS is closed for approximately six weeks a year. Additionally a term time child has a half term break during each term.
  • A full time child (attending 46 weeks a year) wishing to take a holiday during a half term period can do so with half a term's notice. Notice should be received in writing by the first day of the new term.