“Attwood Farm Nursery School has given our children a wonderful, gentle, first experience of being in a school environment. They have been surrounded by beautiful countryside and enthusiastic, interested staff who have been nothing but helpful and kind, particularly when dealing with our child's additional needs, ensuring that we and, more importantly our son have never felt a nuisance. Our three children have all loved their time at Attwood and made friendships that have lasted into their childhoods. Our daughters still take any opportunity to come and see their old teachers. We can't recommend Attwood enough ” (Mark and Amy Fenlon)

"You have been a huge part of our lives for three years and we feel so lucky. Through good times and hard times, you have been there for Sean and your support for him has been incredible" (Paddy and Katy O'Hara)

"Everyone does a fantastic job at Attwood in encouraging, stimulating and supporting the children and parents” (Andrew and Aleasha Sallis)

"Thank you so much for everything that you have done to make Josh's first school experience the best that he could ever have. We really appreciate all the love and care that you put in and the feeling of being with a family.

Thank you isn't enough actually" (Nicola Ho).

"We really are so very fortunate to have had you recommended to us, as we can say you really are the best. Your constant support, kindness and advice has been invaluable. It was so the right decision Jacob coming to you, as he has progressed hugely in every area" (Jacola and Barry Stunt)

"Thank you all so very much for helping Lilly grow into the adventurous, independent little lady she is today. A far cry from the sensitive little soul that started three years ago" (Jemma Weekes)

"Thank you all for your incredible efforts that you put into every day. Attwood truly is a wonderful place." (Leigh-Ann Penfold)